2016 Fall Semester Welcome Back

on August 29, 2016 Banking Center with 0 comments

Welcome back everyone! We trust that you had a great summer away from school and are ready for the upcoming fall semester! Just a few notes for returning students, or our newest Marauders…

All signature sheets are due September 18th to the Business Office, without the signature sheet we will cannot process any form 1’s that are submitted from your club.
Form-1’s must have the proper signatures on them and must be completely filled in with the proper receipts. Checks will be cut Tuesday and Friday after 3pm.
Students, Faculty and Staff may cash checks here as well. Personal checks up to $50.00, Payroll checks up too $300.00 and MU Payroll checks up to $350.00
And last but not least, you may get quarters here to do your laundry!!