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Fall/Spring Semester Hours

Mon. – Thur.
6:00am – Midnight
6:00am – 7:00pm
10:00am – 7:00pm
10:00am – Midnight

Sat. 5/10 and Sun. 5/11

Winter/Summer Hours

We will be closed 12/24- 1/1 for the holiday season.

Mon. – Thur.
8:00am – 10:00pm
8:00am – 7:00pm
10:00am – 10:00pm

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The SMC Fitness Center offers a top of the line facility designed to meet the fitness needs of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Community members not affiliated with the University can now take advantage of our services and equipment. Offering a diverse selection of workout equipment which includes cardiovascular machines, weight training machines, and free weights. Also offered is a selection of group fitness classes.

Cardio Equipment

Free Weights

Open Rec Areas

Weight Machines

Class Schedule

Group Fitness Classes

– All Spin, Bike n’ Core & Yoga classes require a ticket to reserve your spot. Tickets can be picked up 1 hour prior to the start of the class at the downstairs fitness center desk. Those using a marauder class pass – please go to the downstairs desk to get your card punched prior to the start of class.

Spring 2020

Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thur. Fri.
Ab Blast 6:15-6:45 w/ Lauren H.
Booty Blast 6:15-6:45pm w/ Lauren H.
HIIT 8-8:45am w/ Debbie 8-8:45am w/ Debbie 8-8:45am w/ Debbie
Rhythmic Fitness 5-6pm w/ Lauren S. and Laura 5-6pm w/ Lauren S. and Laura
Spin 7-8pm w/ Taylor 6-6:45 w/ Felicia 6-6:45pm w/ Morgan 6-6:45pm w/ Felicia 12-1pm w/ Taylor
Tabata 2-2:30pm w/ Debbie 2-2:30pm w/ Debbie
Yoga 12-1pm w/ Amanda

6-7pm w/ Jessie

12-1pm w/ Amanda

6-7pm w/ Jessie

Zumba 7:30-8:30pm w/ Sophia 7:30-8:30 w/ Sophia

Class Descriptions

  • Ab Blast
    Quick, 30 minute abdominal workout to fun tunes and gets your heart rate up!
  • Booty Blast
    Quick, 30 minute cardio-based workout that focuses on sculpting thighs and glutes!
  • HIIT
    (High Intensity Interval Training) this cardiovascular workout will consist of short periods of anaerobic exercises with less intense recovery periods!
  • Jeet Kune Do
    A hybrid philosophy of martial arts influenced by Bruce Lee. This class will focus on the concept of interception or attacking when one’s opponent is about to attack!
  • Rhythmic Fitness
    Rhythmic Fitness is an upbeat workout class where you will be doing different workouts to different beats and rhythms of songs! These are intense and fun workouts that will give you a great sweat and get your blood pumping!
  • Spin
    This is a high-intensity stationary bike workout that enhances cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.  The instructor will incorporate different resistance levels, sprints, and weights. This class uses music as a guide for rhythmic movements while focusing on endurance and stamina!
  • Tabata
    Form of HIIT that will consist of shorter periods of recovery!
  • Yoga
    Designed to tone your muscles while also incorporating flexibility. It helps you focus on your breath and create mind body awareness. It can help you relax and energize!
  • Zumba
    Zumba combines upbeat Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will give you a total-body and cardio workout!


  • Membership Payment Policy

    Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. All membership fees except for part-time students can be paid at the main desk in the upper level of the SMC Fitness Center. We will be accepting ONLY credit cards for week, semester/summer and annual memberships. We will accept ONLY cash for day memberships. NOTE – A valid university I.D. card must be presented by all fitness center members upon entrance into the facility. Members who have forgotten their I.D. card and wish to enter the facility must pay the non-refundable $5.00 guest fee.

    Students carrying less than 12 credits that want to purchase a semester membership will do so at the Bursar’s Office located in the Dilworth building.

  • Guest & Group Rates
    • Guest fee is $6.00 per day or $36.00 for a week pass. All guests must present a valid driver’s license or state ID at the front desk. Guest must also sign in and sign out.
    • Group Rate (at least 5 people)- Group discount available upon request
  • Fall/Spring Students

    The number of credits a student is enrolled in determines the fee for using the Fitness Center and are as follows:

    • 12+ Credits – full membership included in your tuition and fees
    • 11 Credits – $23.25
    • 10 Credits – $43.50
    • 9 Credits – $63.75
    • 8 Credits – $84.00
    • 7 Credits – $104.25
    • 6 Credits – $124.50
    • 5 Credits – $144.75
    • 4 Credits – $165.00
    • 3 Credits – $185.25
    • 2 Credit – $205.50
    • 1 Credit – $225.75
  • Summer Sessions
    • No charge if a student is enrolled in 12+ credits for the upcoming fall semester.
    • Part time student daily charge is $2 with MU ID. For membership rates please click the fall/spring students tab.
  • Winter Session
    • No charge if a student is enrolled in 12+ credits for the upcoming spring semester.
    • Part time student daily charge is $2 with MU ID. For membership rates please click the fall/spring students tab.
  • MU Faculty/Staff, Retiree or Alumni Membership Options

    Membership Options:

    • Day Pass – $4.00
    • Week Pass – $24.00
    • Semester/Summer – $180.00
    • Winter – $45.00
    • Annual Membership – $360.00
    • Marauder Class Pass* – $30.00

    * This pass is for 15 group fitness classes with NO expiration date. No general gym attendance included.

  • Non-MU/Community Membership Options.

    Must be at least 18 years of age.

    Please Note: There is limited hour access for any Non-MU/Community Fitness Center member. The hours listed below are the open hours for any Non-MU/Community members:

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    6 AM – 2 PM 6 AM – 2 PM 6 AM – 2 PM 6 AM – 2 PM 6 AM – 7 PM 10 AM – 7 PM 10 AM – 12 AM

    Gym Offerings:

    • Day Pass – $6.00
    • Week Pass – $36.00
    • Semester/Summer – $235.00
    • Winter – $60.00
    • Annual Membership – $450.00

    Pool Offerings:

    • Pool memberships can be purchased through the Millersville Ticket Office.
    • For more information, please visit the Anttonen Natatoirum page (here) for more information including hours and pricing.
  • ALL fitness center guests and members are to sign in at the reception desk. All members must present their own valid student, faculty, staff, or alumni I.D. card in order to use the facility. Aerobics students must sign in and need to present I.D.Appropriate exercise clothing is required: t-shirts, shorts, and/or sweatsuits.
  • The Student Manager on duty is ultimately responsible for enforcing all rules, regulations, and procedures. If at any time a member or guest does not comply with the rules and/or the manager on duty, the patron will be asked to leave, or his/her fitness center privileges will be revoked. The Student Manager on duty has the right to recruit help of the Building Manager on duty and/or the University Police.
  • The SMC Fitness Center is intended to give the Millersville campus community a clean, safe, and enjoyable place to work out for general fitness purposes. Bodybuilders and some highly conditioned athletes may find this facility inadequate for their workout goals, and it is therefore suggested that another facility may better suit the needs of this special population.
  • Any formal problems, questions, or concerns regarding SMC Fitness Center policy should be submitted to the SMC Fitness Center Manager. Please clearly indicate the issue you are addressing, and be sure to include your name and phone number. All inquiries will be carefully reviewed.
  • Athletic footwear which covers the entire foot is required by all members and guests.
  • Weights may not be removed from the fitness center for any reason.
  • Spotters and pinch-lock collars are required for free weights.
  • Each individual is responsible for removing the weight plates that he/she has used on the plate-loaded machines; and returning all plates, dumbbells, barbells, and other equipment to the proper storage places.
  • Hand chalk is not permitted.
  • Food is permitted in the lobby area only; drinks are permitted but must be covered and/or sealed.
  • Smoking and tobacco products are not permitted anywhere in the fitness wing.
  • Radios and tape or CD players are not permitted. iPods, MP3 players, Walkmans and Discmans are permitted.
  • Loud, profane, and/or abusive language is prohibited.
  • Equipment set up in the Open Recreation Area or racquetball courts may not be moved by members or guests.
  • Hanging from or grasping the basketball backboard or rim is not permitted.
  • Patrons exercise at their own risk. Each individual is responsible for his/her own safety. All emergencies or injuries must be reported to the receptionist and/or manager on duty.
  • All members and guests of the facility are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible, courteous, and safe manner in compliance with Student Memorial Center Building and fitness center rules and regulations.
  • Disorderly conduct and horseplay will not be tolerated.
  • All activities cease at closing time. All patrons must clear the facility.
  • Disregard for any fitness center rule or failure to cooperate with fitness center staff will result in expulsion from the facility and/or loss of fitness center privileges.
  • Do not attach weight plates to the weight stacks on the machines.
  • Do not drop weights, dumbbells, or bars. Place everything down gently.
  • Do not put weight plates under the flat bench to make it a decline bench. Instead, do bench dips for lower chest or triceps machine and lean forward.
  • Do not step on any benches or machines. Use steps.
  • No dips on the 45-degree back extension machine. Use dip/chin station.
  • No standing on weight plates to do triceps at the lat pull-down station. Use steps.
  • Keep dumbbells, weight plates, and barbells on the floor, not on the benches (as to not ruin the upholstery on the pads.)
  • Loitering is not permitted in the fitness center. Any person or group of people who are in the fitness center and who are not exercising may be asked to leave, especially if the facility is crowded, and/or if the person or group of people is being loud and boisterous. The lobby area is not intended as a “hang-out.”
  • All exercises are to be performed in a safe and effective manner. The fitness center staff has the right to suggest correct form if a patron’s safety is at risk while performing any exercise.

The Fitness Center does not offer family membership plans

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