Lost?…And Found!

on August 5, 2013 SMC with 0 comments

Come on, lets be honest…It has happened to all of us. Whether it is your keys, University ID, textbook, phone, or even your entire backpack we have all misplaced something some point in our life. The bad part is when you can’t find it. If you think you lost something while on Millersville University’s campus then where should you look? Did you know the SMC information desk has a lost and found? If you lost something in the SMC there is a very good chance it is in our lost and found box. You wouldn’t believe the amount of items we accumulate by the end of a semester. Even if you lost something in another building around campus it could be in our possession. MU is filled with friendly students as well as MU faculty/staff and if they know about our lost and found service they most likely will drop off any found items here.

Next time you lose something (com’on its bound to happen) make sure to stop by the SMC. Even if it is soon lunch time, don’t run to Boyer and replace your ID before checking with us!

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