Fall 2013 Textbooks/Supplies now available.

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Hurry up and shop now. We have opened up sales of textbooks and supplies for the quickly approaching Fall 2013 semester.

Make sure to order early so you have a better chance of receiving a used version.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email or call us at (717) 872-3716. We’ll make sure to answer anything you need.

One question we often are asked is why does my course say the following:

Textbook requirements have not yet been determined for this course. You may select this course now by clicking the “Add to Cart” button and we will process your order as soon as textbook information is received. If your instructor decides not to require any materials, this course will not be processed.


This is the result of one of two things. Either we did not receive a book order from the professor teaching the course or there are no textbooks required for the course and we were not notified. If any of your courses display the above message when shopping at our online store we suggest contacting the professor to see what the exact situation is.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces on campus soon and wish you all good luck with your upcoming classes!

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